Dead Husbands Never Looked So Good Series

e-Book Released on Amazon July 5, 2019

Diamonds of Fury – Book One of Dead Husbands Never Looked So Good (working title was Ashes to Diamonds). This series is about Lila Phyllips, a back-seat beer baby, who has glittering aspirations to rise from her trailer trash beginnings to a fairy tale life of true love and wealth–and lots of diamonds. Her deadline for completion: the decrepit age of twenty-nine.

In Diamonds of Fury, the first of three books, the reader accompanies Lila through her life with husband number one. The e-book was released through Amazon on July 5, 2019. Book two, Diamonds of Scorn, follows her ascent toward her goal with the second husband. In Book three, Diamonds of Remorse, she spins her web of charm from the United States across the pond to English high society and back. Release dates for books two and three are to be announced.

Dale – Husband #1

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