Welcome to glorywade.com. The purpose of this site is to provide:

  • useful checklists, to do lists and templates  e.g. Bills Control Spreadsheets, Trip Packing Checklist, buying a pet checklist…
  • resources for aspiring and published writers
  • writing exercise suggestions for facilitators of writing groups and anyone else interested
  • book reviews
  • an inside look at the life of an author
  • giveaways for website followers and updates for fans of Diamonds of Fury
  • scrapbooking information
  • information that I think some of you will find interesting

Diamonds of Fury

Book One of Dead Husbands Never Looked So Good Series

Coming shortly: I am in the process of editing a multi-part blog entitled Losing a Loved One-A Personal Experience. It is time for me to return to the world of social media–the little bit that I do. Different graphics also to follow, except for the novel cover, of course.

For authors, aspiring and published, I am going to link to a recommended book about the craft of writing. I am currently reading one a teacher who attends my critique group recommended and will add that link for you. It is 1:18 in the morning as I write this and I need to be somewhat alert later today. My doxie is sound asleep; my cat is laying on the table beside me, her eyes drooping. ‘Tis time to say goodnight.

This picture from visits to Canada to be replaced with something else.

Huntsville Train Station Piano Keys

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