Welcome to glorywade.com. The purpose of this site is to provide:

  • useful checklists, to do lists and templates  e.g. Bills Control Spreadsheet, Trip Packing Checklist. Receive the beta Trip Packing Checklist template at the bottom of this page by emailing me or clicking on Follow Me at the bottom of this page. I will email it to you with 48 hours. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • resources for aspiring and published writers
  • writing exercise suggestions for facilitators of writing groups and anyone else interested
  • book reviews
  • an inside look at the life of an author
  • giveaways for website followers and updates for fans of Diamonds of Fury

Diamonds of Fury

Book One of Dead Husbands Never Looked So Good Series

A big Thank You to those who have already ordered my book which was published on July 5. Anyone else interested can order it through Amazon. Next week, I will be the guest blogger on Anastasia Pollock’s blogspot regarding sources of inspiration and on Kay Phoenix’s blogspot, which is a travel blog. Both post blogs every week: the former on Fridays and the latter on Wednesdays. Please check them out.

Below is a picture from visits to Canada that I reference in Anastasia Pollock’s blog. To see others, please visit the Photos page on this website.

Huntsville Train Station Piano Keys

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